4 Great Tips to Keep Your Blog Secure

4 Great Tips to Keep Your Blog Secure

The hackers are always in search of vulnerable websites and blog by which they can transfer or redirect traffic to their websites and earn money. Black hat hackers break into your blog website and install malware or damage the system. They even steal important and confidential data. Whatever they do, it is our duty to keep our websites or blogs secure from these types of attacks. Loopholes play the most vital role for a hacker to take down your website or blog. Loopholes can arise anywhere on the website. We have to just take some certain remarkable tips which would help to keep our blog secure.

1. Always go for Trusted Plugins only

Plugins are directly linked to your blog’s core files. An infected, outdated, and easily vulnerable Plugin would help a hacker to easily make a way to your blog’s core files which contain very important things. After reaching to the root of your blog, they can easily install malware which will damage your website or blog. So, it is recommended that to have trusted Plugins only. A trusted plugin has a good rating, its number of downloads would be also very high and always check for reviews made by users. There are many websites where you can purchase or download premium plugins, remember the things told above about choosing a trusted plugin.

2. Security of the Login

Don’t set the common and most easy guessable passwords for your blog login panel. Hackers know all these types of passwords. Easy passwords can be easily cracked by using simple Bruteforcing tools which I think are now available for download online. Use the strongest password you can, include lowercase uppercase both and also include some number and special characters. For enhancing the security of login you can add a captcha option while login. It will provide you security from Bruteforce attack and will also protect you from spams. Encryption of login details and website will also help you to increase the control over blog security.

3. Firewall is Important

Installing a firewall will protect your network from unauthorized access. Firewall is a network security system that monitors all the traffics that are incoming and outgoing throughout a website. It acts as a barrier between your blog and unauthorized access. Some Firewalls have inbuilt scanners which scan the whole blog website and finds out any type of malicious code, some have anti-spam security too. A Firewall can surely play a very big role in terms of securing your blog.

4. Use HTTPS

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, it is basically a secure version of HTTP i.e. HyperText Transfer Protocol which is a protocol used for data transfer between you and the WEB. The main difference between HTTPS and HTTP is the last word ‘S’ that stands for Secure. HTTPS websites are ten times more secure than HTTP websites. HTTPS websites are encrypted, you have to invest some money for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to make your website or blog run on HTTPS. Using this kind of security is mostly recommended if you are having financial or sensitive data information over web pages.


“So, these are some of the tips for swelling your blog security. Make sure you apply most of them and protect your valuable things.”

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