How to Browse Blocked Websites

How to Browse Blocked Websites

A website is a collection of web pages that contain various information or data. Google, Facebook, Twitter etc all are the examples of some popular websites. Visiting these websites is very easy in the maximum number of countries but in the world of the Internet there exist some websites which are inaccessible or can’t be easily visited by a normal method. This tutorial will teach you that how can you visit or browse through that type of website that is blocked for normal peoples or for a certain group of peoples. Before going through the steps please remember that visiting these types of websites can be illegal in some countries, this tutorial is for educational purpose only.


Tor is “the onion rooted” browser. It has been developed by Anonymous group of hacktivists. By using this you can surf the internet by hiding your original Internet Protocol address (IP Address). It can help you to browse the blocked websites. The TOR Browser looks like Mozilla Firefox browser because it is the modified version of Mozilla Firefox Browser. While using tor your IP address changes every time when you visit or click on any link. The original IP address is hidden under the stack of multiple IP addresses and by this, your internet anonymity is protected hence this helps you to browse your blocked website. This fully works on the concept of an onion as the onion contains too many layers one by one above the center part. The center part becomes the original IP address and it is hidden by multiple layers of other IP addresses.

To getting TOR browser, just go to its official website and look for the download option. Select your PC operating system and its version and click download option. After downloading the setup just run it and complete the full installation process. Then after do some basic checks that would come when you will run the tor for the first time. After that, you are ready to browse anonymously and get through every blocked website.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it creates a virtual network your own use and you can use it for various purposes without reflecting your PC’s IP address and location. VPN usually converts your data to un-useful garbage for making it not easily recognizable to anyone. The combination of a VPN and TOR is a deadly combination and can improve your security ten times more than using them individually.

There are lots of VPNs available for download and use. Some are free, some are cheap and some are paid. The paid ones are the trusted networks but some cheap or free VPNs also work the same. You will have to research for a good VPN based on your rate. Some examples of VPN service provide are TunnelBear, Froot VPN, CyberGhost, GetVPN, etc. There are also VPNs which are available as browser extensions.


Before trying Tor or VPN we should try these methods by which we can browse through blocked websites.

  1. You can rewrite the URL of the website in this way. If your website is like then make it It works sometimes.
  2. Use proxy website that offers you free access to blocked websites by just entering the URL,
  3. Use IP of the website rather than link to access it.

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