How to Keep Your Family Safe online

How to Keep Your Family Safe online

Today the use of online for our day-to-day life is considerably higher than ten years before. Due to the development of technology people tend to use online as their main resource of information. Although the use of online is beneficial, there as well negative effects can be seen. Most people do not aware of the bad effects which can be affected till their own family or one of family member become a victim. Here, there’re some tips you can use to keep your family safe online.

  1. Use of secured private Wi-Fi network

Most public places supply the free open Wi-Fi network to access anybody. The security of this network is very low and by using this, your device has a risk to be attacked by malware or your privacy can be leaked out from your device. Hence it is better to use the private secured network to do your personal matters. The changing the password occasionally is best to avoid unwanted accessing.

  1. Don’t save your password in web browsers

Saving password means you give a free pass to a stranger to access your accounts. By doing this your accounts can be hacked and your privacy, photos and even your reputation will be lost.

  1. Avoid accessing unwanted/ nonreliable websites/advertisements

Most websites use advertisements and pop-ups. By clicking those, the malware functions may enter to your device and gather your information.

  1. Secure your important files with password

This step is very important to secure your personal details. But remember to use different passwords and don’t use high risky characters such as your birthday, letters of the first name, phone number, etc. Because there is a high probability to guess your password. A strong password means a mixture of simple and capital letters with numbers and symbols.

  1. Don’t use the same password for all accounts

Most people tend to the same password because it’s easy to memorize. But this is a simple road to lose your privacy.

  1. Use malware detecting software

Malware function can cause damage to your information. That can be milder or severe. Malware can be detected by using trustworthy licensed malware detecting software.

  1. Advise to children about good practices when using online

Children are very friendly in online activities. By advising them on above mentions tips, they can be kept away from danger.

  1. Avoid children from addicting online games/ videos

Children as well as the adults, teenagers like to play games online or watch videos. From doing this it can be harmful to the person’s health. As a family, there should be a strong bond among the family members. To improve the relationships various methods can be used such as family picnics, tea party, dinner tables, physical exercises, etc. From doing those addicting to online can be avoided.

  1. Require browsing data history from your network supplier.

Freedom is everyone’s right. But giving freedom to the family members not means to give a pass to do anything. Hence as parents, their responsibility to keep eye children. By requesting a detailed history you can identify that is there an issue or not. By getting actions at right time you can save your family from online.

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